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Isabelle Corcket

Isabelle Corcket

The act of painting is never innocent, the theme, the subject is but a pretext to reveal sensitivity, a personality.

I feel a real passion for pigment and water … Watercolor stood out as the ideal technique to reflect my moods and feelings. Through this technique, I am constantly urged to transcribe and relay my emotions.

Small details, cities, architectures, the atmospheres of everyday life, forgotten moments are my preferred subjects. I always try to give intensity and proximity to my work. Forever opening one’s eyes to see these small details allows one, above all, to look inwards and release from within, this part of poetry, childhood, and forgotten moments .

When I paint, it is certain I am happy, happy to make what it is I believe in, and if doubt and hesitation cannot be prevented the crucial moment remains that moment the brush touches the paper, when the gesture and the feeling unite …

The art of Watercolor is not mastered it is tamed. It is a sincere, sensitive, true; sometimes capricious medium that does not allow for approximation, to err means starting over

The art of watercolor painting is an artistic expression in all its nobility.

Isabelle Corcket, watercolorist.

DDG Gallery is pleased to present the work of this artist, you'll discover to be both generous and passionate.