Galerie DDG - Peintures et sculptures de Christian Della Giustina, Régis PETTINARI,David Garcia, Nicolas CARGAYAN et José Salvaggio

Christian Della Giustina

Christian Della Giustina

Della Giustina was born in 1959 in a family originating from Venice (Italy). His father was a renowned cabinet maker. He was trained at the Corvisart school in Paris.

In constant search of a timeless beauty, he proposes sculptures of delicate contours and proportions.

He excels in small sized art work, of human dimension, where the harmony of shapes and the lightness of gestures render beauty naturally and with modesty.

Endlessly moulding clay, in a permanent effort to perfect his work, he pays attention to every delail in order to better reveal the profoundness of a look or the gracefulness of a gesture.

He sculpts dancers with slender bodies, adolescent faces, portraits of enigmatic women or nudes with soft and perfect curves, all of them gracefully filling space.

Gallery DDG proudly presents a permanent exhibition of this rigourous artist’s sculptures of clay ond bronze. Their delicate chasing and splendid patinas are made in collaboration with the foundry Chapon.

- Artist member of the Taylor Foundation.
- 1rst prize of sculpture, Lyon winter salon.
- Léon Grignault prize, “French artists at the - Grand Palais” exhibition.
- 1rst prize of sculpture, city of Decize.
- 1rst prize of sculpture, district of Nièvre.
- Bronze medal at the salon of French artists.