Galerie DDG - Peintures et sculptures de Christian Della Giustina, Régis PETTINARI,David Garcia, Nicolas CARGAYAN et José Salvaggio

José Salvaggio

José Salvaggio

Born in Sicily in 1953, José Salvaggio moved early to France and settled down in Haute Marne where he has been living for more than 15 years now. He first attended the Art school of Paris alongside Paul Anderbourgh, then the school of Emilie Simon where he met Claude Marin.

Salvaggio, an outdoor painter, proposes sharp and rythmic painting. He wanders through the neighbouring countryside in search of constantly renewed variations.

Seasons flow one into another, the palette glows in the summer lights, winter bites us with a bluish cold, spring and autumn are vividly displayed.

Occasionaly visiting Paris, he settles his easel and vivaciously paints the city. He depicts crowded boulevards, animated squares and sunny café terraces in small size paintings, all radiating a unique charm. He talently orcherstrates judiciously chosen colours and delicate strokes. His art inevitably evokes the great Impressionists, from Monet to Sisley.

Salvaggio is an exhibited and renowed painter, not only in France, but also in numerous art galleries abroad,( Canada and Japan ). Articles published in the specialized press have praised his talent, thus contribution to the continuous progression of his “market value”

Gallery DDG is thus particularly proud to pemanently exhibit the work of this uncompromising and undeniably talented artist.