Galerie DDG - Peintures et sculptures de Christian Della Giustina, Régis PETTINARI,David Garcia, Nicolas CARGAYAN et José Salvaggio


Didier Pizzi

Born in Paris in 1952, I obtained my diploma in graphic arts after four years of studies at the famous Estienne Graduate School of Arts, in Paris. To pay for my education I created commissioned copies of master paintings. From 1974, I began a career as a graphic designer for advertising,... Lire la suite

Shane Wolf

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Shane Wolf is one of the few contemporary Masters of figural drawing and painting. After completing a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati, Shane was hired by the French ski company Salomon in Annecy, France, as a graphic designer.... Lire la suite

Sophie Michalon

Sophie Michalon was born in 1966 in the Val de Marne. Her childwood was marked by the numerous journeys and acquaintances, which opened her eyes to the World. Her sensitivity to colour and light comes as the result of her travels. She lives and works in Paris where museums allow her o... Lire la suite

Anastasia Dukhanina

Born in 1983 in Saint Petersburg, Anastasia showed very early a special sensitiveness in the field of arts. This got revealed during a school workshop when she was only 7 years old. There started her vocation with a long cycle of studies up to the art University of Roerich. Anastasia chose first... Lire la suite

Antonin Passemard

Antonin Passemard was born in Auxerre in 1984. He went to study in a fine art school in France. That’s where he became familiar with the techniques used by impressionist and realist painters of the 20th century. He will later turn these learned painting skills into something personal, and develop... Lire la suite

Karina Knight

Karina Knight did her fine art studies in the United Kingdom. She studied drawing, before starting to learn the art of painting, which she approached through the portrait. The subtlety of her work with the light and the fine details of her volumes allowed Karina to develop her skills first in... Lire la suite

Jean-claude Cubaynes

Contemplating the landscapes of CUBAYNES one is touched by the essence of existence, breathing the perfume, hearing the whispers, observing life that awakes under the caresses of a light morning breeze. His work reflects the landscapes of the impressionists. The light shines in our eyes and we... Lire la suite

Véronique Van Der Esch

Urban landscapes, a still life. A framing, a nearly cinematographic cut of daily life. A detail of reality, life allways, everything is suitable for painting. Definitely figurative painting, a freeze frame. I like to capture the atmosphere of passageways, the emotion hidden behind the anecdote.... Lire la suite

Stefaan Eyckmans

Stefaan is born in Niel, a former village of brickyards in the shadow of Antwerp. As a son of the painter and commercial artist Louis Eyckmans, he comes in touch with the tools of painting and drawing from an early age on. His father will remain his great teacher and mentor throughout his life.... Lire la suite

Antonio Matallana

At times, a painter will surprise us, amaze us with the quality and the originality of his or her work. Yet, it is a miracle to maintain the admirers’ interest for more than 30 years, fascinate them, enthrall them with a few small formats, but that is what Antonio Matallana does. He multiplies the... Lire la suite

Amélie Olivier

Amélie was born in 1980 in Normandy. After visiting a show of the work of Vermeer, she decided to end her scientific carrier and answer her calling. Since 2014, Amélie has split her time between personal artwork and Artistic study in private ateliers in Norway, USA, France and Italy. Her... Lire la suite

Alexandre Briganti

Italian-French painter Alexandre Briganti, a graduate of the Van der Kelen Higher Painting Institute, is a member of the Taylor Foundation. He paints "alla prima" creates intimate paintings of a rare intensity. Interior scenes where human presence is barely suggested are similar to shelters. The... Lire la suite

Pierre Van Bey

Pierre Van Bey was born in 1970 in Villeneuve d'Ascq near Lille. He completed the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai in 1994. During this period he produced theatre sets, as well as murals, in France andCanada. To complete his training he obtained in 1997 a Masters in Plastic Arts at the... Lire la suite

Daniel Solnon

Realism and Poetry Through smooth and precise stroke of his brush, so close to the classics he admires, David, Vermeer, Corot, Solnon give us a new image of Realism. There reigns in his work an essential and direct observation but also an invention seen in his choice of the subjects that... Lire la suite